AULASA, S.A.
    AULASA, S.A.
  • AULASA, S.A.
    AULASA, S.A.
    since 1958

All products supplied by AULASA have their certificates of quality, consistent with the reference standard followed in the manufacture thereof. We are Leaders in Technology and Quality.

AULASA, especialist in light rail according to European and American standards.

In AULASA we have:

Consultancy service

Qualified personnel at hand to advise you. Compliance with and the development of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY as regards partners, managers, employees, public administration and society in general.

Customised cutting and transformation service

Wide range of cutting and transformation machinery.

Logistics and distribution service

Su pedido en la mayor brevedad posible

International presence

Your order will be met as soon as possible.


Total Quality Policy: certificates, continuous improvement (innovation), production and service assurance.


AULASA are all human and technical resources to undertake projects of light rail and manufacturing all types of profiles.

Aulasa is present worldwide...

España, Portugal, Francia, Italia, Países Bajos, Inglaterra, Alemania, Chequia, México, Egipto, Noruega, Canadá, EE.UU., Argentina, Corea, Venezuela, Brasil, Chile, India, China, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Turquía, Grecia, Marruecos...