AULASA, S.A. Auxiliar Laminadora Alavesa.

AULASA is a Spanish company engaged in the manufacture of hot rolled special profiles, specialized in light rail according to European and American standards.

By careful selection of raw materials, strict quality control and most modern production processes, ensuring the best response to both current and future demands of the market.

AULASA was founded by means of a public deed on 10th September 1958 before Notary Pedro Abechuco y Añibarro in Vitoria. At first, it was dedicated to rolling light commercial profiles with different results.

In 1982 it was acquired by the Velasco Group in which it abandoned the manufacture of commercial profiles to concentrate manufacturing on 20 Kg/m light or mine rails to later develop the entire range of 30, 18, 14, 12, 10 and 7 Kg/m rails, in 1987.

SINCE 1987

In 1987 and with the aim of doubling production and extending the manufacturing range with lift guide rails, the company took on an in-depth renewal of the rolling mill, this including a change of the factory layout, a new heating oven and an extension of the number of rolling boxes. The Velasco Group became part of the ARCELOR DISTRIBUCION IBERIA GROUP that later, in 2006, was transformed into the MITTA-ARCELOR Group.

That same year, 2006, AULASA was acquired by the ROCES GROUP which, from the start, commenced a phase to update and adapt the manufacturing installations and processes to the current requirements, ensuring it continued being competitive in all markets around the world, as 80% of its production is marketed outside Spain.

With the construction and assembly of the LNG (liquid natural gas) plant to convert from fuel to gas and with the deep change in the oven heating and regulation systems, apart from the extension of land and the renewal of industrial premises, the company is preparing to successfully take on the new challenges the future will bring. New following objectives for the company have been set:

  • To care for the Human Resources and the Environment.
  • A Total Quality Policy.
  • Guidance and Service to the Client.
  • A Productivity Increase.
  • Investment Intensification.